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Rental Rules

Renting Rules – Basic Version

  1. Please make sure to arrive/ leave the studio on time according to your rental period. The rental period includes time for site preparation and clean-up. If you exceed the rental duration by more than 10 minutes, an additional charge for 30 minutes may be incurred.

  2. We kindly ask renters/users to keep the premises clean. Please remember to pack any used tissues or trash and take them with you when you leave.

  3. It is important to handle all furniture, fixtures, and equipment with care while using the studio. Please ensure that everything is returned to its original state or place before you leave.

  4. If you are not wearing your own indoor shoes, please clean and disinfect the soles before entering the studio. Disinfecting agents are available near the entrance for your convenience.

  5. If you plan to bring any props or equipment into the studio, please inform us in advance. We will provide guidance on moving or handling the items if needed. Please follow the guidelines responsibly.

  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited on our premises, including the bathroom, back staircase, and corridors on the 15th floor. Any offenders will be asked to leave immediately, and our company reserves the right to claim a cleaning fee of $400.

  7. Please make sure to review our "Renting Rules – Detailed Version before entering our premises for more information on rental guidelines.

When using the venue:

  1. Please ensure that you clean the soles of your shoes and disinfect your hands before entering the venue.

  2. If you have another pair of shoes for indoor use, feel free to store the ones you are currently wearing in the shoe cabinet.

  3. We kindly request all users to keep the site clean and tidy.

  4. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have provided disinfection supplies and air purifiers at the venue for your convenience.

  5. We kindly ask that you do not misuse any of the venue resources, such as smart TVs, amplifiers, or disinfection supplies.

  6. For security purposes, there are 5 CCTV surveillance cameras installed throughout the entire floor.

  7. Please refrain from taking any assets, whether fixed or portable, from the room.

Before Leaving the Studio

  1. Before you go, kindly ensure that you switch off all the air conditioning, lighting, audio and visual equipment, and double-check that the door is securely closed (give it a pull to make sure it's tightly shut).

  2. Remember to take all your personal belongings with you when you leave. Please note that our company cannot be held responsible for any loss.

  3. In the event that any furniture, fixtures, or equipment within the facility is discovered to be damaged or missing, our company retains the right to seek compensation.

  4. Please be aware that our company cannot be held liable for any bodily injury, property loss, or damage that may occur.

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