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Our Services

We are new in the space rental market. Our mission is to offer a quiet, clean and private space in Causeway bay for your convenient use.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Exercise Space 3.png

Exercise Space

Want to be free from distraction and find a private space to exercise alone or only with a few good friends? Look no further, we provide a neat clean serene environment where you can practice yoga, meditation, tai-chi and other forms of mind-body exercises in the heart of the city.

Meeting Space 3.png

Meeting Space

Want some privacy to have small group in person or virtual meeting? Our space, equipped with tv and video viewing capability, is an ideal alternative to a coffee shop or a formal meeting room for a 2-6 persons sit-down meeting or upto 30 persons workshop.

Pop up Space 3.png

Pop-up Space

Want to create offline presence of your amazing products that are currently only available online? Come see for yourself, ours is a versatile space suitable for holding private events, press & launch parties, group pop-ups and any creative product demonstrations.

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